Using cloud technology, the smart application enables the integration, monitoring and management of field activities and, through the information obtained, provides reliable data that will ensure the optimization and efficiency of the waste management service.


A far as the European Union is concerned, waste management is a key concern, therefore the Strategic Waste Management Operational Programme (SURO) has been agreed on. The latter envisaged the adoption of a number of regulations; when countries signed the European Agreement, the foundation was laid for the adoption of the Decree on Municipal Waste Management, which regulated the disposal and processing of municipal waste.

Nevertheless, the situation in the field of environmental protection continued to be in disarray for several years. The government acted as a liaison and coordinator because the municipalities themselves found it difficult to cooperate amongst themselves and expected legal, organizational and financial assistance from the government. The biggest problem, however, was NIMBY (not in my back yard) – public opposition to setting up waste management facilities. Consequently, the waste management system reverted back to its source – the households. To meet the needs of separate waste collection, recycling points/kerbside boxes and waste collection centres were set up, and later household collection points and additional bins for the collection of packaging and bio-waste were added.


Few utility companies were/are trained in the planning and implementation of waste management measures. The problem is most often the record keeping of emptying waste containers, over-filling of kerbside boxes, the increasing cost of waste disposal and the consequent dissatisfaction of users.

A public utility company cannot set the price of waste disposal in terms of cost and expected profitability, rather the price is adjusted according to the utility pricing methodology. Any increase in the price and thus covering additional costs must be harmonized according to the regulations, and the implementation must then be approved by the municipal council. Therefore, public utility companies have to optimize waste removal and adjust the frequency of collecting waste according to cost.

dotBusiness SOLUTION

The developed dotBusiness platform and web application provides an effective solution when it comes to collection point records, both for households and kerbside boxes. It offers companies the optimization of work processes, increased work productivity, reduced costs, reduced customer complaints and the time it takes to deal with them, and provides users with access to the performance of services.

In the new system, all waste bins come equipped with a unique QR code that identifies the code in the dotBusiness system. This allows you to control the location, the frequency of emptying bins and control tasks such as cleaning and repairing damage to bins.

The use of the app is simple – a public utility worker scans the QR code using a phone, tablet or hand-held scanner to record the activities at the collection point and, if necessary, adds a remark or a photo thus documenting any improper disposal of waste.

The emptying of kerbside boxes and waste bins is recorded in a similar manner, while an inventory of the fullness of the containers is carried out simultaneously.

The system enables accurate traceability of events and also helps the users themselves. They usually defend their non-payment of bills by saying that the public utility workers “did not collect the waste anyway“, and unjustifiably vent their frustrations on workers, phone the utility company or even the mayor.

By adopting the dotBusiness system, the QR codes on containers/bins can also be scanned by users, thereby comparing the actual work done with the information on the bill.

The process supervisor monitors the activities through the web portal and intervenes if necessary. Of course, the application contains analytical tools providing useful insight into the collected data, as well as providing an insight into the reports of records using different spreadsheets (Excel) or PDF files.

It is also possible to connect to an existing business system or a web-based solution, since the dotBusiness app contains an API.


Water resources require a high control standard and consequently accurate records of measurements and activities. Using a phone or other android/iOS-based smart device (tablet, scanner, etc.), it is possible to manage records of inspections, repairs, sampling, while also capturing parameters of measurements and proportions of quantities.

A record of all the data collected is always accessible through the web interface.

It is also possible to connect to an existing business system or a web-based solution, since the dotBusiness app contains an API.


The user can scan the QR code at a given location using their phone camera and view the activities at that location.

The user is automatically directed to the review page containing the parameters that have been previously specified.

The user can be shown a notification or daily promotion for each microlocation.

In order to provide high quality service and have transparent cost overview, it is essential to get user feedback.

Reviews/ratings can be done anywhere, and may include a link to a survey, which is rewarded with a prize contest.


Using the web portal, the supervisor can review activities and costs at any time according to the selected parameters. In addition, they can receive an automatically generated personalized report by email, based on requested and previously agreed requirements.

Report can be generated in pdf or xlsx format.


You can send the task performer instructions or a message on the mobile app including feedback about when the message was opened.


+ easy logging of activities

+ automatically generated personalized reports

+ communication with task performers

+ an overview of service costs

+ reminders and alarms

+ customer feedback (reviews/ratings)

+ promotional communications for customers

+ record archives

+ very affordable solution