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The Electronic Communications Act

The amended Electronic Communications Act (Official Gazette 109/2012) introduced new rules regarding the use of cookies and similar technologies to store information or access information stored on a user’s computer or mobile device. This law applies to us as well, so we have put together a website that will offer more information on the use of cookies by MEDIC SISTEMI d.o.o. .

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file that a website uploads to your computer. Each time you return to this same site, the site will recognize you. Cookies created on websites sponsored by MEDIC SYSTEMS d.o.o. do not contain your personal information but contain only a sequence of numbers and letters that help to maximize your experience on the site. Cookies can also be used to analyze website traffic to help website managers see which pages are most visited.

More about cookies

Google Maps

Cookies required to view Google maps.

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Piškotek Desc. Veljavnost
PREF 8 months
YSC Piškotek poteče po koncu seje in se izbriše, ko obiskovalec zapusti spletno stran in zapre brskalnik.